Augmented Reality in Marketing - Tony Saliba

Augmented Reality in Marketing – How many times have you shopped online and regretted the purchase? Many times. So how are brands tackling this issue and how are they using AR for their advantage? AR or Augmented Reality is an interactive experience and a modification of a real-life environment where the objects are enhanced byContinue reading “Augmented Reality in Marketing – Tony Saliba”

Ambient Advertising: The Good Old Polo Snow Stamp - Tony Saliba

Ambient Advertising – How can an advertisement stand out in the clutter? Everywhere seems to be crowded with the overload of advertisements to which we are being exposed to on a daily basis. A form of alternative advertising that has been widely used over the years in the advertising world is Ambient Advertising. Now whatContinue reading “Ambient Advertising: The Good Old Polo Snow Stamp – Tony Saliba”

Marketing Agencies in Lebanon

Marketing Agencies in Lebanon – While providing soft skills and services is the main advantage in Lebanon since manufacturing and production is still at its lowest end, marketing and advertising is standing out in the business market. Many reasons fall behind this fact: 1- Lebanese individuals are creative, they have an open life style andContinue reading “Marketing Agencies in Lebanon”

L’Oreal Brands And Influencers

L’Oreal Brands And Influencers – L’Oreal the multi-billion dollars personal care business carries multiple brands and lines from professional salons to affordable personal use products that consumers can pick up from shelves everywhere. Asmita Dubey Chief Digital and Marketing Officer of L’Oreal explains that all of the brands have influencers’ marketing as part of theContinue reading “L’Oreal Brands And Influencers”

Digital Reputation Management

Digital Reputation is the materialisation of the users’ brand perceived value, online. It’s the stories or reviews published by digital users about a specific brand, in channels such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. As it can be blogs and articles written about the brand. The brand digital reputation will definitely affect the buying decision, thatContinue reading “Digital Reputation Management”

Why Should I Buy From You?

Why Should I Buy From You? – The answer to this question is probably the most under-developed answer by businesses, specially SMEs in Lebanon. Although it looks straightforward and simple, answering this question needs deep knowledge of: your targeted segments, your products / services’ added value and competitive advantage. What differentiate your product or serviceContinue reading “Why Should I Buy From You?”

E-Commerce In Lebanon – What Are Your Options?

E-Commerce In Lebanon – What Are Your Options? Before the Coronavirus pandemic business owners in Lebanon literally didn’t believe in selling online. Only few of them developed their e-commerce platforms the years before Covid-19 as a strategic choice for their organizations. Today business owners and marketers and considering this option seriously specially after the lockdownContinue reading “E-Commerce In Lebanon – What Are Your Options?”

7 Tips On How to Rank High in Google Search Ranking for Products’ Reviews

7 Tips On How to Rank High – In the beginning of April 2021 Google has updated the search ranking algorithm for Products’ Reviews. The purpose of this update according to Google is to provide users Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) that includes insightful analysis and original research and Google said they will be promotingContinue reading “7 Tips On How to Rank High in Google Search Ranking for Products’ Reviews”