Studio Design

The number One Provider of Broadcast & TV Production Studio Design services in Lebanon.

Build Your Own Broadcasting Channel Or Podcast Studio.

Studio Planning

Our task begins by identifying your objectives and needs in order to propose the best solutions. Once this is done, we will propose a design for your studio with a map describing all the key elements.

Equipment Installation

Our design team provides equipment and technology solutions for broadcast environments to meet a wide range of production and broadcasting needs. After defining your objectives and needs, we put together the list of equipment needed, we provide it and install it in your studio.


Once the plans and maps are approved, we will start building the studio and executing the design agreed upon. We will make sure to take into consideration your brand identity, colors and other communication elements to offer you the best design within your budget.


Your new studio will need the right team to keep it running. The training module will allow you to ensure your staff are up to date with operating all the equipment properly.

Let’s build something great together.