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About Marketing


We are a dynamic communication agency that creates marketing strategies and strong online content to increase our customers’ brand awareness and to support their sustainable growth.

With more than 15 years of experience in the Lebanese and GCC markets, we’ve created and produced hundreds of videos, short movies, corporate movies, TV commercials, reports, music video clips. We covered major TV live events and programs.

Our team created branding and identity manuals, and managed social media platforms and dynamic websites and SEO strategies. Visit the Portfolio Page and take a glance at our final outcome.

Content marketing efforts to engage, inspire then convert, is essential for today’s businesses. And that’s how we do it. We create the content needed through creative concepts, state of the art equipment, tools and methods in digital design and production, under the umbrella of specific communication strategies.

You can also visit our YouTube Channel here.

About our Expertise in Marketing

Our team has a great deal of experience in working with International Organizations and iNGOs and local NGOs. The latest success story was with VNG International implementing MASAR programme funded by the European Union, in addition to many other projects with the EU, UNDP, UN Women, UNESCO, Relief International, Action Aids and many others.

You can check our list of customers in the Home Page


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