Social Media Management Upgraded

Social Media Management – A term widely used by both individuals and corporations. Some grasp its essence and core functions while others barely scratch the surface. To be efficient, you must incorporate 3 main vital functions: Content creation, Digital Advertising, and Community Management.

We have seen many business owners tackling or interested in content creation with unrealistic goals. While content creation and storytelling is the core, but alone it cannot achieve any development of any brand’s Social Media Platforms.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

Creating a good content with just (approx.) 8% organic reach and leaving it at this level, is like paying money to design and print a brochure. Then hiding the brochure in your office under your desk and not distributing it. What’s the point from printing it? And the same question goes, what’s the point of publishing a post if no one will see it? Creating Paid Advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram or Youtube or Twitter etc. is a must, in case you rely on Social Media in your Marketing Strategy (which is not recommended).

When you create and manage the paid ads, you must not take it lightly. A deep knowledge of the platform is required. And an even deeper expertise is required to achieve efficient results. Take a look at this blog as an example of how to approach geographical targeting in Facebook Paid Ads in Lebanon.

Community Management

Interacting with the community is probably as important as content creation. After all Social Media is built around this concept. A post on Instagram is not a billboard on the highway. When people react to your post with a comment or question or an inbox message, you need to answer it properly. In a way, it’s has to be like efficient Customer Service management, definitely more tailored to your digital social media community.

At Sharks Creators we will help you establish those 3 main vital functions to be successful. And that’s for your business brand or personal account.

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