4 Ways To Create An Effective Message in Marketing

4 Ways To Create An Effective Message in Marketing – After defining your targeted segments, you’ll need to figure out what to communicate to them. Before the how, where and when, what exactly are you saying to your potential clients? Even more importantly, how do you need your customers to remember your brand, or project or product or service?

Top-Line Messaging

Depending on your business and industry, depending on your products or services and following your own strategic vision, you can develop in your marketing strategy, one, two or more Top-Line Messages.

Before you start, it is also important to get a taste of what could attract your audience. For that reason, you could just ask them (primary research) or just do a background check and study of what is available in the market (secondary research).

Now here are 4 ways to create an effective message in Marketing

1- Create Clear Messages

Clear simple messages will allow your targeted audience to better understand what you’re offering. After seeing your message, no further clarifications should be needed.

2- Use Easy Familiar Language

The use of easy familiar language will facilitate and allow your audience to remember your message.

3- Take the customers’ side

Presenting the benefits to them is much more efficient than presenting your features and specs. Example: It doesn’t really matter how a given product is sophisticated or small, or fast or colorful, what matters how it will make the customer’s life easier. What really matters is how this feature will offer a positive benefit once it’s used.

4- Create Unique and Original Content

You will need to be unique in order to stick in your audience mind a bit longer than the competitors. Sometimes you can try to be playful instead of being very serious.

Your top-line messaging should be in-line with your strategic goals and with your communication narrative.


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