Is Twitter Losing Its Advertisers? By Antoine Salem

Is Twitter Losing Its Advertisers? Twitter has experienced a decrease in its ads’ bookings after Elon Musk’s took over the platform. Lefties claim that if Elon continues to manipulate the platform to his own benefit, Twitter will likely lose more advertisers over the course of the next weeks.

Few Advertisers Are Leaving The Platform

After Elon has fired a couple of Twitter’s top employees, companies like Audi, General Mills, Volkswagen and few other big firms have halted their Ads on the social media app putting Elon in a difficult situation claiming they will not be supporting his brutal action toward employees. But still the layoffs are happening and are far bigger than anyone expected because Elon Musk has a vision for the new Twitter.

Some are claiming that changes to Twitter’s policies will have its negative impact on advertisers making things even worse. But then again, a question is raised:

Do advertisers want a platform advocating freedom of speech or not?

Elon Musk first wanted to limit the number of scams on the platform, so he created an anti-spam feature. He then went on to expand the number of words allowed per tweet in an effort to increase the number of long debates on the platform.  Another thing the billionaire focused on during his frenzy is charging an 8$ per account verification (blue tick).

Musk Insisting On His Reforms

Obviously, a lot of famous public figures did not like this feature because they used to get it “for free” and started attacking Musk with their tweets but Elon apparently insisted on it, again because he has a clear vision on how to revive Twitter and turn it into a profitable business.

The best modification Elon has probably done to the platform in the past few days is introducing the ability to edit Tweets. This was probably the only update Elon got the least hate on. The only downside however is that this feature is only available to verified accounts.

No one truly knows where the platform is heading right now. One thing is sure, the hyper sensitive “political correctness” and “safe zone” that Twitter “old regime” used to rule with, is gone. Washington started pressuring, now that the mid-term elections are near, some advertisers are leaving, but many experts do believe that new advertisers will start using Twitter who will be competing more and more with Meta.

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