5 Hot Marketing Trends in 2023

5 Hot Marketing Trends in 2023 – Marketing has evolved dramatically since the industrial revolution around 1760 till our current day: from the production concept, to product concept, to the selling concept then marketing and social concepts. Today with constant evolving technologies and cultural changes, different communication tools are created to support brands and businesses.Continue reading “5 Hot Marketing Trends in 2023”

The Marketing Strategy That Saved The F1 – By Charbel El Hachem

The Marketing Strategy That Saved The F1 – Formula 1 or best Known as F1 is the face of the motorsport industry and that’s by being one of the most famous and prestigious competition worldwide.A Formula One season consists of a series of races, known as Grands Prix, which takes place in many different circuits from around the world.Continue reading “The Marketing Strategy That Saved The F1 – By Charbel El Hachem”

Is Twitter Losing Its Advertisers? By Antoine Salem

Is Twitter Losing Its Advertisers? Twitter has experienced a decrease in its ads’ bookings after Elon Musk’s took over the platform. Lefties claim that if Elon continues to manipulate the platform to his own benefit, Twitter will likely lose more advertisers over the course of the next weeks. Few Advertisers Are Leaving The Platform After Elon has fired a couple of Twitter’sContinue reading “Is Twitter Losing Its Advertisers? By Antoine Salem”

The Old Twitter is Dead

The Old Twitter is Dead – Twitter is regarded as an extreme left ideological thought bubble since it has only enforced left-wing ideologies when Twitter suppressed any conservative thoughts even those moderate liberals ones that contradicts with their ideologies. TIME magazine published according to its sources that Elon Musk must complete the acquisition of TwitterContinue reading “The Old Twitter is Dead”

MASAR EU Event At The University of Balamand

MASAR EU Event At The University of Balamand – Sharks Creators participated in MASAR closing event, the final conference of the European Union funded programme through Madad Trust Fund to support the capacities of local governments, their host populations and refugees alike, in Lebanon and Iraq, at the University of Balamand in cooperation with programmeContinue reading “MASAR EU Event At The University of Balamand”

What is MASAR Project?

What is MASAR Project – MASAR stands for Maintaining Strength And Resilience. It’s a project funded by the European Union Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis (MADAD). It is executed by: The Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD), The Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM), the International Cooperation Agency of the AssociationContinue reading “What is MASAR Project?”

Augmented Reality in Marketing - Tony Saliba

Augmented Reality in Marketing – How many times have you shopped online and regretted the purchase? Many times. So how are brands tackling this issue and how are they using AR for their advantage? AR or Augmented Reality is an interactive experience and a modification of a real-life environment where the objects are enhanced byContinue reading “Augmented Reality in Marketing – Tony Saliba”

Ambient Advertising: The Good Old Polo Snow Stamp - Tony Saliba

Ambient Advertising – How can an advertisement stand out in the clutter? Everywhere seems to be crowded with the overload of advertisements to which we are being exposed to on a daily basis. A form of alternative advertising that has been widely used over the years in the advertising world is Ambient Advertising. Now whatContinue reading “Ambient Advertising: The Good Old Polo Snow Stamp – Tony Saliba”

Twitter First Shopping Livestream

Twitter First Shopping Livestream – Twitter’s added the e-commerce feature including the livestream shopping. And Wallmart is the first retailer to test it knowing that it’s not their first time. Wallmart already organized live shopping with YouTube and TikTok. Twitter users will be able to watch the live broadcast and buy the featured products. TheyContinue reading “Twitter First Shopping Livestream”