Augmented Reality in Marketing - Tony Saliba

Augmented Reality in Marketing – How many times have you shopped online and regretted the purchase? Many times. So how are brands tackling this issue and how are they using AR for their advantage? AR or Augmented Reality is an interactive experience and a modification of a real-life environment where the objects are enhanced byContinue reading “Augmented Reality in Marketing – Tony Saliba”

Ambient Advertising: The Good Old Polo Snow Stamp - Tony Saliba

Ambient Advertising – How can an advertisement stand out in the clutter? Everywhere seems to be crowded with the overload of advertisements to which we are being exposed to on a daily basis. A form of alternative advertising that has been widely used over the years in the advertising world is Ambient Advertising. Now whatContinue reading “Ambient Advertising: The Good Old Polo Snow Stamp – Tony Saliba”

Twitter First Shopping Livestream

Twitter First Shopping Livestream – Twitter’s added the e-commerce feature including the livestream shopping. And Wallmart is the first retailer to test it knowing that it’s not their first time. Wallmart already organized live shopping with YouTube and TikTok. Twitter users will be able to watch the live broadcast and buy the featured products. TheyContinue reading “Twitter First Shopping Livestream”

Marketing Agencies in Lebanon

Marketing Agencies in Lebanon – While providing soft skills and services is the main advantage in Lebanon since manufacturing and production is still at its lowest end, marketing and advertising is standing out in the business market. Many reasons fall behind this fact: 1- Lebanese individuals are creative, they have an open life style andContinue reading “Marketing Agencies in Lebanon”

L’Oreal Brands And Influencers

L’Oreal Brands And Influencers – L’Oreal the multi-billion dollars personal care business carries multiple brands and lines from professional salons to affordable personal use products that consumers can pick up from shelves everywhere. Asmita Dubey Chief Digital and Marketing Officer of L’Oreal explains that all of the brands have influencers’ marketing as part of theContinue reading “L’Oreal Brands And Influencers”

Is Hiding Public Like Count on Instagram A Smart Feature?

Is Hiding Public Like Count on Instagram A Smart Feature – One of the biggest Instagram’s concerns is how to make users’ experience enjoyable. And it has been argued there is a psychological pressure on users when it comes to getting a decent number of Likes for their posts. And with the decreasing organic reach,Continue reading “Is Hiding Public Like Count on Instagram A Smart Feature?”

Lebanese Politics and Social Media: A Quick Overview

Lebanese Politics and Social Media: A Quick Review – The most successful influencers are the most extreme. 73% of tweets about politics are created by about 6% of Twitter users and those 6% have very extreme views as reported by NBC News. But we cannot overlook the fact that users do click on extreme contentContinue reading “Lebanese Politics and Social Media: A Quick Overview”