Digital Reputation Management

Digital Reputation is the materialisation of the users’ brand perceived value, online. It’s the stories or reviews published by digital users about a specific brand, in channels such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. As it can be blogs and articles written about the brand.

The brand digital reputation will definitely affect the buying decision, that is why it’s very important to look after it. Managing brand reputation is an ongoing process and these are few tools used to keep enhancing it.

1- Everything starts with an acceptable product or service. If your product / service suffers from negative features or specs, it is imperative to address it first. I have seen many cases the business operations itself suffering and that affected negatively the delivery of the product. So the product and the operations, distribution must be developed properly.

2- Be careful of what you say to your customers. Not having a clear communication strategy and a consistent communication plan will create more confusion out there. And that begins with properly defining your targeted audience.

3- Proper content creation. You shouldn’t be always promoting your services, but look for that added value to your customers.

4- Collaborate with Key Opinion Leaders or Influencers in your market. And that will create more trust with the brand. And here you need to be creative when you have a limited budget.

5- Look for open-source platforms like Wikipedia and make sure your brand is well presented there. If not, you need an urgent proper action plan to enhance your Wikipedia and overall digital presence. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need support in your Wikipedia presence.

6- Make sure your website is properly set up for SEO tools. People do trust Google search results and they use it to look for information. Your brand needs to appear in the first page.

Digital reputation management is a never ending process that needs to be monitored constantly and enhanced on daily basis.

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