L’Oreal Brands And Influencers

L’Oreal Brands And Influencers – L’Oreal the multi-billion dollars personal care business carries multiple brands and lines from professional salons to affordable personal use products that consumers can pick up from shelves everywhere. Asmita Dubey Chief Digital and Marketing Officer of L’Oreal explains that all of the brands have influencers’ marketing as part of the marketing-mix and the consumer decision making journey.

The reason L’Oreal uses influencers’ marketing is because of the authenticity and proximity: L’Oreal gives the influencers information about the brands and products, and then they let them do the magic as Dubey said. So the celebrities and micro-influencers offer authentic content for their audiences.

Eva Longoria one of the celebrity influencers filmed on her mobile phone the use of L’Oreal Excellence Cream after showing the grey hair appearing on her head. The video resonated a lot with the audience. The video was used in social, digital then finally in Television as a communication piece. Hyram, another Youtuber and influencer on TikTok with 6.8 M followers, boosted the brand CeraVe a therapeutic skincare product which had many collabs with dermatologists online. The global sales of CeraVe raised by 89% in 2020.

L’Oreal is looking for this authentic satisfaction after using their products. Another example is the mascara, the influencers use it, then they show the transformation. Then L’Oreal use that opportunity and leverage it.

What’s next?

L’Oreal invested in Replika software to empower social selling. In this “Social Commerce” space, the influencer is able to sell products and have income for it. Taking into account large, medium and micro accounts’ influencers, L’Oreal would choose the right mix for each specific product, the strategic influencer marketing happens brand by brand.

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