Brands On TikTok

Brands On TikTok – It seems the hospitality industry’s opinion leaders have made their mind (till now at least) when it comes to their Channel Mix Marketing choices. Instagram remains the number app and the preferred platform for touristic operators, beach resorts and hotels all around the world.

Hotels & Resorts on TikTok

If we take a look at the most important and famous hotel global brands, the following is observed on TikTok:

– Sheraton (only 1 official account, but not active, no followers)

– Carlton Hotels (No presence)

– Kempinski Hotels (No presence)

– Capella Hotels & Resorts (No presence)

– One & Only Resorts (No presence)

– Shangri-La (No presence)

– Como Hotels & Resorts (1 unofficial account, no content, no followers)

– Hyatt Regency (no presence only the hotel in Casablanca has an account with less than 1.5K followers and the last post published 1 year ago in July 2021).

– Raffles Hotels & Resorts (No presence, only Dubai location has 1 account with no content and no followers)

– Park Hyatt (No presence)

– Holiday Inn (No presence, just 1 account related to the lower end or the “more limited” side of the brand, Holiday Inn Express).

TikTok Users

TikTok is expected to reach 1.8 billion users by the end of 2022. Despite its fast growth, the app earned as well a bad reputation among scholars and psychologists in social science and humanities academic disciplines.

ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, acquired another company called Musical.ly for $900 million to 1 billion US dollars in 2017. Since then, the number of downloads grew exponentially and woke socialist / post-modernist started using and abusing TikTok algorithm and deliberate high reach, after fully exploiting Twitter. But what about other industries and commercial brands?

Since 2019, TikTok started to win market share with global brands. Pepsi having around 7 Verified Accounts the largest being Pepsi India with 1.2 million followers as of July 2022 similar to Coca Cola’s presence with less worldwide followers. Other luxury brands in the automotive industry like Cadillac, has less than 9K followers. Rolls Royce having a shy presence, Audi being more active on TikTok and Mercedes Benz with the highest count. Other brands from other industries, like Ikea, Nike, Nestle Pure life and others are riding the wave while many others are not going down that path.

The Content

The branded content nature on TikTok is different from other platforms, dominated by collaborations with influencers with less publishing frequency compared to Instagram. While the paid advertising platform is not as deliberate and easy to use as Meta’s platforms.

Now should your brand be on TikTok? many Marketeers said no. But again, multiple variables need to be examined: Your targeted potential customers / audience, the industry you operate in, what kind of content are you able to produce, and do you have enough budget for video content, are you able to pay for collaborators, what is the cost of acquisition on TikTok? And what about your company’s social responsibility?


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