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Influencers in Lebanon – An influencer is an expert in a specific field, able to shape the opinion of his or her audience. He or she can also influence the behavior of their followers, by affecting the purchase or demand of products and brands. Some of them are KOLs or Key Opinion Leaders, very few though.


There are many ways to classify influencers. Any one in their careers can influence people. But in this current blog, we will not include:

Actors, singers, brands, physical or online shops, journalists or reporters, politicians or other professionals because their main core profession is not exclusively based around digital or social content creation. They do reach their audiences through different other communication channels like TV for example or direct contact. This does not deny that they are in fact influencers in their domains, but for the sake of keeping our classification coherent, we will not include them for now.

We will classify the categories as the following: travel and destination marketing, food / gastronomy, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and fashion, even though in many occasions some of those categories can overlap. While the below list includes influencers based in Lebanon.


Lebanon is beautiful and many influencers made sure this image is well published and promoted. Below are the best influencers in this area. We would like to mention that many of those account do mix gastronomy or food-related posts with their travel content.

Eyes of Lebanon

Fly Over Lebanon

Lebanon Republic


Bachir Choucair

Life With Jad

Life With Abed

Lucy J

Rachel Chalhoub

Chady Deeb


Pierre-José Charro


Abir El Saghir

Daddy Foody

Dr. Food

Aya Hayek

Pass Food

Mohammad Beidon

Les Delices De Mariette


Nadine Abdel Aziz

Maya Haddad

Hala Ajam

Georgette Richa

Hala Reda

Fabienne Khoury


Lifestyle accounts shows their audience the way in which the influencer lives. It includes posts of different nature like food, fashion, beauty, social causes, work related posts, travel and locations, entertainment, etc.

Paula El Sitt

Nathalie Fanj

Jessica Kahawaty

Nadia Mneimne Ammar

Nadine Njeim

Yara Bou Monsef

Rolla Safa

Layan Farhat

Nawal Hadchity

Mrs. Anouty

Omar Allaf

Amanda Nawfal

Sandra Tayeh

Sabine Nahas

Clara Ibrahim

Elie Nahas

Elie Merhej

Layal Khawly

Patricia Mchantaf

Andreah Hajal

Zelfa Soufan Zein

Sabine Saleh

Rebecca Andonian

Alia Dernaika

Vanessa Baz

Rama Chakdouh


Alice Adel Aziz

Nour Arida

Alice Abdel Aziz

Andrea Wazen

Eman Ahmed

Tamara Jamal

Rita Mhanna

Leen Brinjikji

Maria Moussa


Imad Youssef

Marina K

Chirstine Challita

Elsa Kahwaji

Reem Bahlawan

Marie Belle Melhem

Serena Mghames

Sahar Alaa Eldeen

Tala Rashid

Aya Homsi

Rim Bakri

Cynthia Bou Akel

Rania Naoum

Gayelle Shtaioui



Hasan Raad




Rayan Hayek

Lebanese Gag

Claudine Kamar (Lemy)

Welcome To Lebanon


PetTalk Magazine

There are many other Lebanese influencers that might fit your communication goals. Influencers are very important in marketing as they bridge the gap between products or brands and potential customers. To know how to choose the best influencer for your campaigns or brands, read this article:

Finding The Right Influencers For Your Brand

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