Do They Really Want Electric Cars?

Do They Really Want Electric Cars? Despite all the efforts invested by governments in the Western world to shift the automotive industry towards electric vehicles (EVs), many manufacturers are still holding onto combustion engines. What is the reason behind this?

Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Ford, and even GM are already in the EV market, offering both sedans and SUVs. Honda recently launched its latest fully electric SUV, the e:Ny1, in the European market. But what about sports car and muscle car fans?

Many sports car enthusiasts are left cold by electric vehicles. One of the most important aspects is the control over the car, which EVs mostly lack due to the absence of gears. Add to this the joy of a roaring, fast engine. All of these features are no longer available with the new generations of electric cars.

Resisting the Shift

McLaren chief executive Michael Leiters is the latest senior figure in the industry to warn that the company is not ready to shift to electric cars. Others, such as Ferrari, are also doubtful. From their point of view, a battery-powered engine will be dull to drive. Many of those manufacturers are looking at the situation from the customers’ perspective, and they are asking: do our customers really want electric cars? For Ferrari and many other premium brands, the move towards electric cars presents a real marketing challenge. Changing tastes is not easy and doesn’t happen overnight.

From a marketing perspective, it all boils down to the customers. From an environmental perspective, zero-emission cars must be achieved as soon as possible. It might be a threat for some, but we never know. It might fuel innovation and open up new horizons for fast cars to go electric someday while still delivering the same experience to their drivers!

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