Is Hiding Public Like Count on Instagram A Smart Feature?

Is Hiding Public Like Count on Instagram A Smart Feature – One of the biggest Instagram’s concerns is how to make users’ experience enjoyable. And it has been argued there is a psychological pressure on users when it comes to getting a decent number of Likes for their posts. And with the decreasing organic reach, the engagement rate is also going down, especially for businesses.

But who would use this option: “Hide Like Count”? As a business or brand, it wouldn’t be right to hide the Like count. First to keep a certain level of transparency and honesty in sharing the brand info or data on the platform. Second because the algorithm behavior is known already and so the organic reach percentage. So today a business is expected to boost content to get higher engagement. Imagine an influencer with millions of Followers hiding a post Like count? That wouldn’t look good when this influencer is collaborating with other brands. We wouldn’t bet on a lot of businesses and influencers hiding their Like count.

Instagram claims that they are looking to give their customers more ways to control their account and their experience on the platform. According to Instagram, the user will be able to focus more on the photos and videos being shared, instead of how many likes posts get. But we believe one of the reasons users do share their content is because they need credit or they seek valuation and recognition and that is done by showing how many Likes or views they get, not by hiding it.

And even if someone creates an Instagram account just for browsing and exploring, with a fake identity, then they wouldn’t care from the beginning about the Like count. So how successful this new feature will be and how the small personal accounts will use it, time will tell.

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