What is MASAR Project?

What is MASAR Project – MASAR stands for Maintaining Strength And Resilience. It’s a project funded by the European Union Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis (MADAD). It is executed by: The Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD), The Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM), the International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNGI) and KL Denmark.

Main Objective

The main objective of MASAR is to strengthen the long-term resilience of targeted subnational governments/ municipalities and their host, refugee and IDP populations to deal with the Syrian crisis in Iraq and Lebanon. For this purpose, the programme experts elaborated 3 Strategic Objectives to reach.

The Strategic Objectives

SO1: To improve the capacities of municipalities to engage in area-based planning.

Expected Results:

1.1 To strengthen the subnational governments spatial planning capacities in the targeted areas.

1.2 To design spatial scenarios and provide concrete logic and decision making process for sustainable municipal service delivery and municipal investment.

SO2: To improve the public service delivery in order to generate a greater social stability for both local communities and refugees.

Expected Results:

2.1 To strengthen to subnational governments and service providers’ capacities in target areas.

2.2 Local Governments will be able to implement service delivery projects in a more efficient and responsive manner, in line with longer-term scenarios.

2.3 Users of municipal services are more aware and interested in service delivery.

SO3: To empower the municipalities and service providers to facilitate local economic development.

Expected Results:

3.1 Local governments will be capable to manage investment projects and its procedures more efficiently.

3.2 To identify and formulate process for municipal investment projects which will benefit the extension of safe public services and create more economic opportunities for host communities and refugees.

3.3 To enhance the economic growth potential and resilience of the local economy hosting target groups.

3.4 To enhance the social stability potential and resilience of the local economy hosting target groups.


Under each Specific Objective, the programme defined many themes. And for each one, the teams organized different sets of activities and executed it in both Iraq and Lebanon. Some of those activities tackle promoting eco-tourism, beekeeping capacity building, implementing the GIS or Geographic Information System, women empowerment in areas of local economic development, risk management, hilllakes and irrigation water management. To get more insight about the detailed activities please visit MASAR Website.

We are thrilled to be part of this project assuming the responsibility of Communication and Visibility consultant in Lebanon.

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