El Mina City – A New Destination

El Mina City – A New Destination – As part of the “New Beginnings” project by Relief International, funded by RDPP II to support Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, we invited an amazing group of Social Media activists and Influencers to visit El Mina city with the cooperation of “Eyes of Lebanon” to support the tourism sector in El Mina and to shed the light on this beautiful authentic Lebanese city.

The day started at El Mina Corniche, then we took a boat trip to the Palm Island (which is designated as a nature reserve), the largest island of El Mina city. It was previously known as the “Rabbit Island”, but since 1993, the name changed and it’s been part in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1992, as it includes an impressive ecological diversification.

Then the visitors dropped by the old and first Lebanese Train Station in Lebanon next to Prince Bersbay Tower known as Burj El Sebaa. The old steam locomotives look gigantic but rusted and silent now reminding that Lebanon was once a country with trains when the Ottoman empire was occupying it.

The day ended at Al Sidawi restaurant to taste the best seafood anyone can have in Lebanon, then the best Ashta ice cream at Al Balha Glace by the Corniche. We would like to thank everyone involved specially Saber Middle East for the overall project consultancy, Elie Tabchi and Eyes of Lebanon, Fly Over Lebanon, Lebanon Republic, Elie Nahas, Sabine Nahas, Sandra Tayeh, Amanda Nawfal, Layan Farhat, Life With Abed, Nawal Hadchity, Omar Allaf, Elie Merhej, Georgette Richa, Rachel Chalhoub, Mrs. Anouty, Hasan Raad, Bachir Choucair and Clara Ibrahim for their precious and very efficient support.

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