Answer The Public: Efficient of Useless?

Answer The Public: Real of Scam? – As digital marketeers, we always look for innovations and new tools to support us at many levels, out of which SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We know by now that Google ranks dynamic websites based on keywords or keyphrases, based on domain authority, and uniqueness of the content.

One Challenge To Deal With

Identifying trending keywords or queries is the first challenge. If you choose a topic or theme, say you’re in the Fashion industry, what are people looking for in Fashion? What questions are they asking? Whey keywords are they using? Once you identify this, you move to creating a unique appealing original content to tackle those keywords. But how to identify those keyphrases in the first place?

Instagram Campaign

Laterly Neil Patel Digital is promoting heavily on Instagram a new tool called: Answer The Public. Where you choose a country, and some keywords, then the platform will generate for you questions people are asking on the Internet (including Google Search). With the free registration, you are allowed 3 free searches per day, while the searches will be saved in your dashboard. If you want to upgrade, you will need to buy the available packages starting at 9$ per month for 100 searches per day and 1 user. Then you have the 99$ per month then the Expert package at 199$ per month.

The Results

After trying Answer The Public, we looked for the following keyphrase: Social Media. We run the search once in Lebanon and another time in Malaysia. We were surprised that both results are practically the same. But this doesn’t make any sense. Then the wheels keep giving you all this nonsense unlimited number of potential questions. It was a waist of time. Below you can check screenshots of the NP platform results in both countries.

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