McDonald’s Raise Your Eyebrows Campaign - Co-authors: Priscilla MAKHOUL & Sandybelle DAOUD

McDonald’s Raise Your Eyebrows Campaign – What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear raising eyebrows? Botox, eyebrow tattoo, or perhaps McDonald’s sign? Weird right? How could eyebrows be linked with McDonald’s? Lot of McDonald’s branches worldwide launched a new video ad introducing eyebrows as a non-direct sign to point to McDonald’s. The video has been online on YouTube since February 2023.

The Video

The video showed quickly the brand’s logo (which is the arches looking like an M) at the beginning to establish the concept. Then ladies employees thinking about eating MacDonald’s burgers. (Then at the end of the video the connection is explained). Although the brand is known, because the ad is opened to a woman wearing red and yellow clothes, that refers to the brand theme colors, in addition of the hand drawn McDonald’s logo by an employee in the company, and then raising her eyebrows as a sign to her colleagues to get McDonald’s food.

This ad is “exceptional” in strength brand recognition. Whereas “according to System1’s test your ad platform, 98% recognized that it was a McDonald’s ad before its end.”

The ad was published in Arab countries (Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain). It was not published though on the official platforms of MacDonald’s Lebanon. In parallel it was published worldwide like in the UK, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Pakistan, Hrvatska, etc. In a modified video, the one targeting the Arab countries, women wearing hijab. A good adaptation for those markets following the segmentation strategies of the brand while taking the region’s culture into account in its communication.

McDonald’s Raise Your Eyebrows Video Links

On Instagram, they published the ad with the hashtag #RaiseYourArches, which recorded a positive emotion with the followers and McDonald’s food lovers. And now the campaign continues. If we take MacDonald’s Oman for example, on the 18th of March 2023, they followed up on the main campaign. And the message is: Say it with your eyebrows (in Arabic) قولها بحواجبك

Around the 12th of March in Qatar and before it in UAE, the same message is published again but in English: Fancy a MacDonald’s? then a man raising his eyebrows appears, with the hashtag #raiseyourarches.

It is obvious that the corporate communication is serious about creating this connection between people raising eyebrows to each other and the wish to eat their burgers. Even more, they want to create the connection between the brand arches and the eyebrows. So the logo will not mean only the restaurant arches, or the M but also your eyebrows.

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